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2014 Post-Summit Workshops

Wednesday | 5 February 2014
Workshop A
Creating And Adapting Training Programmes For The Local Workforce
09.00 – 12.00

Workshop Details:
When designing training programmes for nationals in your organisation, it is important to consider cultural context, language and sensitivities to avoid miscommunication and ensure that the programmes are suited for nationals.

This workshop will provide you with the tools to: ŸŸ

  • Develop effective training programmes ŸŸ
  • Ensure a unique and individual approach for each national employee ŸŸ
  • Understand what does and does not work – lessons from the field

Workshop B
Inspiring Generation Y and building your organisation's brand
13.00 – 16.00

Workshop Details:
Understand what motivates gerenation Y and put in place structures to attract and develop them Talented Emiratis are highly sought after. In an increasingly crowded employers' market, how can you ensure that you organisation appeals to Emiratis joining the workforce

This workshop will help you attract the best young talent to your organisation with practical tools to: ŸŸ

  • Improve employer branding ŸŸ
  • Communicate with your target market by understanding what they value and how best to interact with them ŸŸ
  • Demonstrate your organisation's commitment to Emiratis in the workplace ŸŸ
  • Help Emiratis visualise long-term career prospects with your organisation